Khurasan Build On 15mm 16th Century English Collection

June 11, 2020 by brennon

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Khurasan Miniatures has been continuing to add new wargaming figures into the mix and crossing all the timelines with their releases. This time around, they have been exploring the 16th Century and English Armies of the period.

16th Century English #1 - Khurasan Miniatures.jpg

16th Century English Infantry Command

The current selection of English offerings represents the Tudors under Henry VIII and those that fought against the French in 1513. Currently, there are three options which give you options for the Command element of your force (shown above) as well as Billmen and Longbowmen.

16th Century English #2 - Khurasan Miniatures

16th Century English Longbowmen

There are a fair few more miniatures in the works for this collection but this should give you the core of what you need to start building up a force. You've got the options when it comes to your commanders plus the meat of your infantry too. Billmen can take to the front whilst Longbowmen support from further behind.

Are you tempted to take a peek at this range in 15mm and build yourself a new army?

"Billmen can take to the front whilst Longbowmen support from further behind..."

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