Dragons! Vorago Draconis Coming Soon From Khurasan

July 15, 2020 by brennon

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Khurasan Miniatures have been working away on a rather fun little project recently. Here is the massive wargaming miniature Dragon, Vorago Draconis! This is quite the stunning bit of resin and it looks wonderful painted up in this preview too.

Vorago Draconis - Khurasan Miniatures.jpg

Vorago Draconis // Khurasan Miniatures

Vorago Draconis is a miniature which has been made as biologically plausible as possible. Now, obviously Dragons would have to be massive in order to actually do what they do but this is a pretty awesome looking take on these ancient drakes.

This big miniature is an all-resin product and comes with a few options around the head area. You can either go with the frills as you see above or armoured neck ridges which would give it a bit more defence.

Vorago Draconis Head - Khurasan Miniatures.jpg

Vorago Draconis Head // Khurasan Miniatures

This means that should the fancy take you, you could break out two of these miniatures on the battlefield. With a little bit of a paint scheme switch-up, you'd be able to run two of these beauties on each wing of your army, ready to hose down the enemy.

Vorago Draconis also comes with a sting in the tail so there is danger when fighting this beast at the front end and the back end!

Vorago Draconis Tail - Khurasan Miniatures.jpg

Vorago Draconis Tail // Khurasan Miniatures

As you can see, this monstrous beast is pretty massive when compared to a normal 28mm miniature. I have always been a big lover of dragons so I would certainly love to see this creature on the tabletop, either as part of a dungeon delve or in a big battle. It might be a good accompaniment to a certain Queen Of Dragons too.

Let us know how you'd paint Vorago Draconis in the comments below!

"It might be a good accompaniment to a certain Queen Of Dragons too..."

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