Snap Up The 20mm Sci-Fi Shunq From Khurasan Miniatures

November 15, 2022 by brennon

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Khurasan Miniatures has added a new set of 20mm Sci-Fi miniatures to their collection. You can now pick up the alien Shunq and use them as part of your wargames, be they small skirmishing affairs or something more mass battle based.

Shunqifant Riders - Khurasan Miniatures

Shunqifant Riders // Khurasan Miniatures

There are a couple of different kits for you to choose from including the Shunqifant Riders who are going to be keeping an eye out for attackers as the tribe makes their way across the plains.

Shunqifant Cannons - Khurasan Miniatures

Shunqifant Cannons // Khurasan Miniatures

There are some great miniatures already available including more Shunqifant Riders where this one has a massive cannon to make use of. I get some great Star Wars-like vibes from this collection whilst also getting a bit of John Carter too.

These fellows are actually rather tall in-world and so the miniatures, whilst working for 20mm wargames come in around 28mm in size. So, you could introduce some towering aliens into your wargames.

Shunqifant Warriors - Khurasan Miniatures

Shunqifant Warriors // Khurasan Miniatures

If the range turns out doing well, Khurasan has been talking about adding more to the range. Whilst I quite like the riders, I think that the warriors are my favourite miniatures from the set. I like the fact that you get a mix of helmeted and unhelmeted options in the set, allowing you to make a nice, diverse collection of miniatures.

Are you tempted to snap up these new 20mm miniatures?

"I get some great Star Wars-like vibes from this collection..."

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