Khurasan Preview 18mm Russians For 1812-15 Period Warfare

October 29, 2020 by brennon

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Khurasan Miniatures has been previewing more of what awaits those diving into their Historical range. A new set of 18mm Scale Russians are going to be marching to war soon for the period of fighting around 1812-15.

18mm Russians Command - Khurasan Miniatures

18mm Russian Command // Khurasan Miniatures

As it stands, the selection of new miniatures will all come clad in those impressive greatcoats that you see here. You'll get some new options for Commanding your forces focusing on the Musketeers and Jagers from the period.

18mm Russians Command Alt - Khurasan Miniatures

18mm Russian Command // Khurasan Miniatures

As well as the Command options there will also be a few more standard troops for you to drop into your games too. You'll also be able to field Musketeers or Jagers who are Marching and Attacking too, giving you a variety of poses to play with.

18mm Russians Advancing - Khurasan Miniatures

18mm Russian Advancing // Khurasan Miniatures

Having dabbled in the realm of painting 6mm I can say that the smaller scales certainly do appeal to me. It's a lot quicker, if not easier, to get your miniatures to the tabletop and there is more focus on key points of detail being the aim of your hobbying. You want to make certain elements pop whilst relying on a fairly easy-to-apply base coat being the thing that brings the entire army together.

18mm Russians Attacking - Khurasan Miniatures

18mm Russian Attacking // Khurasan Miniatures

I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who have much better advice for painting smaller scale figures like these but I think it's a good way to jump into this period of the 1800s without feeling too daunted. 28mm doesn't seem much different but when you're having to paint a lot of figures at that scale it can be quite a mountain to climb. Taking things down a step and using maybe a handful of men to represent many more makes the hobby climb a lot easier to tackle.

What do you make of these new previews from Khurasan?

"What do you make of these new previews from Khurasan?"

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