Get Some Heavy Tour Of Duty Weaponry For Your US Troopers

May 25, 2013 by brennon

The relentless march of Tour of Duty and Flames of War continues with even more miniatures coming up for sale on June 1st 2013. Check out the M551 Sheridan, M42A1 Duster and the Rifle Platoon that will be helping add to your US outfit...

M551 Sheridan

M42A1 Duster

Rifle Platoon

So now you've added some neat anti-tank Tanks, the ability to field a bit of anti-air and even the Rifle Platoon comes with a recoilless team for dealing with those pesky pieces of enemy armour.

As well as the models there is also a wealth of decal sheets and plenty of markers for use with your games of Flames of War. A nice bundle for the beginning of the month I'd say.

Have you started your Tour of Duty?