Hide Behind Ironclad’s Palisade Walls

January 29, 2013 by dracs

Ironclad Miniatures have produced some new terrain pieces for you to send your miniatures scurrying over.

First we have this palisade wall.

Ironclad - Palisade Wall

Intended to be the gate wall for the sort of log fort you might expect to see in the French and Indian Wars, this palisade wall is a useful piece for both fantasy and historical gamers.

After this we have a stone bridge.

Ironclad - Stone Bridge

This is again a nice terrain piece which could be used in a variety of gaming scenarios. Bridges are always a good addition to a gaming table as they force armies into bottle necks, making for intense battles (unless you have Lizardmen, in which case you just swim around it).

Will either of these landmarks appear on your gaming table?

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