Sail In & Kickstart Papercraft Viking Hordes Game!

November 14, 2013 by brennon

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It's not hard to grab my attention. If you show me a Dwarf or a Viking I am usually pretty sold on your ideas and that is what happened when I took a look at Viking Hordes, a papercraft game that's now up on Kickstarter.

Papercraft Viking Longship

The company behind this had originally planned just a digital game for mobile platforms but they quickly realised they wanted to bring it to a new medium. That is where papercraft came in and this game where you put together mighty fleets (without glue!) and then fight out your sea battles on the floor against another opponents.

The Game In Action

It looks like a really fun game and the design of the ships is brilliantly colourful and vibrant. They have also embraced a play it for fun style when designing the mechanics and so you won't ever find yourself buried under complex rules. I think this could be the perfect little game for kids to enjoy, and adults to secretly horde and think up tactics for!

You can check out an assembly guide above but I am really liking the look of this game!

What do you think?

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