West Wind Build Ancient Empires With Upcoming Kickstarter

November 8, 2013 by brennon

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West Wind Productions might be well known for their Secrets of the Third Reich miniatures and Empire of the Dead but they also love themselves some historical too. War & Empire is going to be their foray into the world of 15mm historical wargaming and it looks neat!

Forged In Battle - War & Empire

Their hope is that they will raise enough to help fund the creation of armies around the Punic Wars and Macedonian ones too, allowing them to create armies for you to use within these conflicts.

Further stretch goals will then look to unlock other armies and added goodies too.

Miniatures & Rules

Everything is still in the planning stage for the Kickstarter as you can see above by following the link, but it should be one that interests a fair few people. Heck, I'm a lover of 28mm and I am already interested in some 15mm Ancient warfare!

Miniature Showcase

Go check out the Kickstarter and leave some feedback for them as they get things ready. Maybe you have some suggestions on the direction of the project that could bring something new to light.

If not then just get ready for the Kickstarter!

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