Prepare To March With Agema Miniatures’ Etruscan Armies

February 11, 2020 by brennon

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Agema Miniatures has been previewing a few of the options they have been working on for their Ancient armies. This time around the focus is on the Etruscan forces and leading the way, quite appropriately, we have this Command element which is coming together nicely.

Etruscan Command - Agema Miniatures

The set of miniatures is led by a Noble Commander who wears the transverse crest and additional feathers that adorn the Attic type helmet (I am learning so much today). You also have a Standard Bearer who is hefting the banner pole with its bull motif decorating the top. You also have a Cornicern player who acts as the Musician of the pack. Each of them is clad in their historically appropriate Linothorax armour.

Beyond what we're seeing here from the Command element of the Etruscans there will also be some new warriors and a few cavalry options too. Also, it seems like they are going to be working on some colourful characters which will be able to lead your force from the front. Talking of extra models we also have some of these warriors.

Etruscans In Linothorax - Agema Miniatures

These Etruscans In Linothorax were heavily influenced by the Ancient Greeks in both their martial style and attire. However, influences also came in from across the Ancient world, especially in the design of the helmets.

The timing for the release of this range appears to be focused around next month. Agema Miniatures have also considered trying to run a Kickstarter campaign as well in order to get the collection released all in one go.

What do you make of these mighty Etruscans?

"What do you make of these mighty Etruscans?"

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