Crucible Crush Release Quick Play Gameplay Video For Flint & Feather

January 25, 2019 by dracs

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Crucible Crush have released a Quick Play Rules demonstration video to help you get started playing their new game Flint and Feather.

Crucible Crush produced the video to help players get to grips with the new skirmish game, taking them through the various stages of play in this conflict between First Nation warbands:

Crucible Crush Games is pleased to announce their Quick Play Rules Gameplay Video.
This video was released on our Youtube channel today. It is designed to support the first six pages of rules printed in the rulebook in the section titled Quick Play Rules. The Quick Play rules. We suggest you use the Warband Sheets printed in the back of the rulebook for your first couple of learning games.
The video will take you through the main concepts of the rules which include Warbands, Combat Value (CV), Activation, Actions and Reactions, Shooting, Close Combat and Nerve Tests. You can view a sample Warband at our website at the following here:

Flint and Feather is a skirmish level tabletop miniatures game. It attempts to recreate the heroic struggles of the First Nations peoples in the Great Lakes regions of North America. We use the culture and history of the First Nations peoples to bring this majestic civilization to life on your game table. You may also find us on Facebook at Crucible Crush Games or join the Flint and Feather Miniatures Game Facebook group.
Find the video on Youtube.

Having quick demonstration videos like this is really useful as it not only helps new players get to grips with the game system, it gives them feel for the style of the game itself.

Let us know what you think of the gameplay below.

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