Empress Preview New WWII Airborne For Arnhem Kickstarter

November 25, 2022 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures has been previewing more of Paul Hicks' awesome British Airborne for World War II that are going to be coming to Kickstarter early in 2023. This time around, we got to see some of the special kits including PIAT and BREN.

Airborne With PIAT - Empress Miniatures

British Airborne With PIAT // Empress Miniatures

The first of the sets gives us a look at four PIAT users from the British Airborne, battling it out frantically in the heart of Arnhem. I like that you've got two crews done in different ways. Both offer up dynamic and interesting miniatures for skirmishes in World War II with two soldiers hoofing it across ruined streets whilst the other two are preparing to fire at oncoming armour.

I am always fascinated by the detail that Hicks manages to work into his miniatures, especially in the faces. There's also something really nice about the posing of Hicks' miniatures where they feel like they could have been ripped from old black and white photographs.

The same goes for the team with BREN guns at the ready. They all look properly ready for a scrap, especially that fellow on the left-hand side.

Airborne With BREN - Empress Miniatures

British Airborne With BREN // Empress Miniatures

Again, these are going to be great for working in and around collapsing urban environments and muddy fields. It's nice having the set at different heights as well, meaning that there will be some nice variety when your troops are hunkering down in cover. Plus, it always looks epic when your kneeling soldier is set up behind a wall, peeking through the rubble.

As well as these previews of the sculpts that will be coming as part of the Kickstarter, we also got a look at some stunningly well-painted British Airborne from this collection.

British Airborne Painted - Empress Miniatures

British Airborne Painted (Jon Atter) // Empress Miniatures

Jon Atter has done a sterling job on these early miniatures from the range and it gives you an idea of the awesome toy soldiers you're going to be able to snap up when the campaign finally launches. The aim is to bring the Kickstarter to life in February of 2023. All of the miniatures are going to be available in 28mm and lovely metal!

I am eager to see what else gets added to this British Airborne range and I imagine a lot of people will be eager to snap these up.

What do you think?

"...we also got a look at some stunningly well-painted British Airborne from this collection"

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