Firelock Games Announce Blood & Steel: Victorian Age Combat!

January 24, 2022 by brennon

Firelock Games last week announced a brand new game in their "Blood &..." range. Blood & Steel: Victorian Age Combat 1837-1901 is going to be coming up for pre-order in February with a full release in March/April this year.

Blood & Steel - Firelock Games

Blood & Steel // Firelock Games

If you're particularly drawn to the idea of playing out battles like that at Rorke's Drift then this is certainly going to be the game for you to have a go at. The game uses the skirmish system made popular by Blood & Plunder but with a few changes that focus on the style of combat from the Victorian Age.

Blood & Steel Zulus - Firelock Games

Blood & Steel Zulus // Firelock Games

The game is going to cover conflicts like the Anglo-Zulu Wars, the American Civil War, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, 2nd Seminole War and the Maori Wars. So, whilst this might feel like it is focused on Britain's colonial expansion, it also deals with clashes amongst other nations around the world.

Blood & Steel Fighting - Firelock Games

Blood & Steel Skirmish // Firelock Games

Unlike Blood & Plunder and Blood & Valor, Blood & Steel won't feature an in-house range of miniatures. Instead, it is going to be miniature agnostic. So, you can use miniatures from all manner of already expansive ranges for this game. If you have a lot of plastic and metal miniatures lying around in 28mm then you pretty much just need the book when it releases!

You can currently join the Blood & Steel Facebook Group if you'd like to find out more from Firelock Games. But, I'm sure we'll get a better look at what they have planned in the near future!

Are you going to be checking this game out?

" can use miniatures from all manner of already expansive ranges for this game"

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