Footsore Gangs Of Rome Previews + Exclusive Building Sneak Peek!

November 16, 2017 by brennon

Footsore Miniatures have shared with us some previews of their upcoming game and range of models for Gangs Of Rome. You might have seen some of these characters out there in the wild but we also got an exclusive look at some terrain too by Sarissa Precision.

Gangs Of Rome Logo

The game is coming out in January 2018 with pre-orders beginning on November 27th. Here are some of the characters we've already seen including Barca here who will be given away with pre-orders. Looking like a soldier returned from the front this fellow has sword and shield hidden beneath his cloak, ready to strike when the moment is right.

Barca - Gangs Of Rome

There isn't just going to be male characters in this game however as we also got a look at this female model called Persephone included as a promotional model during the pre-order period too.

Gangs of Rome Female Promotional Miniature

She looks like she means business as well I'd say. You can actually see more of these kinds of model previews over on their Facebook Group which showed off one of the gangs getting ready for a scrap on the streets.

Gangs of Rome Fighters

The models are looking great, as you might imagine from the folks at Footsore. They are packed with character and in plenty of dynamic poses. This feels like it's going to be quite the down and dirty game with plenty of blood splashing onto the cobbled streets.

Exclusive Building Preview

Footsore Miniatures are actually working alongside Sarissa Precision in order to create terrain for this game. Here we have some of the buildings that they've been working on.

Gangs Of Rome Buildings #1

This is a fascinating look at Rome which gives you a snapshot of the city being built around you as you play through campaigns. All of the ones you're seeing featured here are the buildings which are 'under construction'.

Gangs Of Rome Buildings #2

In terms of how the buildings are going to come together as an entire collection, they are focusing on a range of different styles where you've got buildings which are under construction, some which are fully built and some which are in ruins too showing the various ages of the city.

Gangs Of Rome Buildings #3

It's going to be a very different look to your tabletops. We've seen a lot of verdant hills and rolling plains for your Roman armies but very little of the white stone houses and paved streets where the Romans actually lived their day-to-day existence.

There are going to be thirty plus buildings in the range. For example, here is the massive Colosseum which is going to be given away on the Facebook Group we mentioned earlier, also from Sarissa.

Coliseum #1

...oh and if you think that's massive, wait until you get a look at it.

Coliseum #2

Now that is going to HAVE to be dropped into your gaming tables. So, a centrepiece for a massive city is getting built, Lloyd?

Game Cards

As well as the models and the buildings which make up the setting we also have some looks at the cards which will power the system itself. Here's one for Aurelia...


...and another for the Fierce Mastiff giving you a hint as to some of the future models on the way for this game.

Fierce Mastiff

Everything about this game is looking on point when it comes to the design of the game. They have plenty more in the pipeline of course and we'll be making sure to talk more about the game and discover what it's all about over the coming months.

The guys at Footsore also have a Gangs of Rome website which, when the pre-orders go live, will feature a way to download the rules for free.

If you've been following this game with interest, let us know your thoughts on it below.

Are you going to be crafting a grizzled gang for this game?

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