The Farrow Gather Their Forces For The Hordes Battlefield

November 9, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press aren't just working on new Warmachine releases as on the 23rd November we will also see the release of some new plastic Farrow for Hordes alongside Legion and Skorne characters too.

Farrow Brigands

The Farrow Brigands and Commandos lead the way with a selection of ranged and melee options...

"The fierce and hardy warriors of the farrow are as difficult to bring down as the boars they resemble. Armed with primitive rifles scavenged from raids on human caravans, farrow brigands are the equals of many frontline soldiers. After surviving numerous engagements, farrow commandos have begun to imitate the battlefield tactics of more rigorously trained forces.

Brandishing grenades and kukris as they infiltrate enemy lines, these cunning fighters offer farrow warlords the ability to quickly strike into the heart of the enemy."

Farrow Commandos

The sets are available in plastic and within each set you will get ten different models all looking like they want to get stuck into the action. The Farrow are certainly one of the more fun factions in the world of Hordes for the Minions and it's nice to see them expanded upon.

A Blighted Warlord

Following on from the Farrow we also have the Blighted Nyss Warlord, a metal Solo for use alongside the forces of the Legion.

Blighted Nyss Warlord

"The warlords of Everblight’s Legion enter combat armed with the double-bladed claymore—a weapon requiring remarkable dexterity and coordination to wield. With it, a blighted Nyss warlord scythes through enemy ranks, severing heads and limbs alike with blinding strikes."

The armour style that has been worked on here really adds to the model and it embraces a bit of that Middle-Eastern/Far Eastern style that works well alongside the scheme and look of the Legion.

Skorne Commanders

Following on from them we also have the Praetorian Karax Commander & Standard who will help bolster the fighting prowess of your existing Skorne soldiers.

Praetorian Karax Officer & Standard

I quite like the design of the Officer and the Standard's banner but the shield he's carrying into battle looks a bit odd and out of place. Of course, he needs a shield since he is the banner bearer but something about it looks a little out of place to me.

What do you think of the selection?

"The Farrow are certainly one of the more fun factions in the world of Hordes for the Minions and it's nice to see them expanded upon..."

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