Get A Glimpse At The Epic New Gargantuan For Circle Orboros!

September 12, 2016 by brennon

Thanks to Party Foul we were able to check out a few previews of what lies ahead for Privateer Press' Hordes. The first of these is a rather majestic Gargantuan for Circle Orboros. See what you think...

Circle Gargantuan Preview

Now that is a huge bird with plenty of amazing detail worked into it. As far as we're aware this is actually going to be in plastic which is good considering just how big this creature is. The feather details and the pose make for a fantastic piece.

Additionally building on the love for Circle Orboros we also got a look at a Tharn Wolfrider Champion.

Tharn Wolfrider Champion

Some great work has gone into crafting the Wolf and the riders positioning atop its back is very natural. Well, as natural as it can be when you're riding a big wolf! The rider herself also looks great and that spear seems awfully deadly.

Trollbloods Assemble!

Last but not least we turn towards another Hordes preview in the form of Madrak Ironhide and his new model.

Madrak Ironhide (New)

He has certainly had a bit of an upgrade and dropped the axe in favour of a selection of mighty spears. The shield is looking fantastic too with the runic designs carved into its surface and the talismanic rocks hanging from the bottom.

Overall I think Hordes folks have something great to look forward to over the coming weeks.

What do you think?

"The feather details and the pose make for a fantastic piece..."

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