The Sea King Rumbles Into Hordes Soon From Privateer Press

May 14, 2017 by brennon

If you've been waiting patiently for the Sea King for your Trollblood faction in Hordes by Privateer Press then you won't have long to wait as it will be available on May 24th!

Sea King Trollbloods

Some more of the background on the Sea King...

"Eager to devour any who pass within reach of their webbed claws, the sea kings have heard Hoarluk Doomshaper’s call and ventured from the seas.

Rising out of ancient legend to bring horror from the deep to the foes of the Trollbloods, these enormous marine beasts can easily smash a ship’s hull and devour its entire crew, leaving nothing but splintered timbers behind."

This truly is a fantastic looking creation to add into the mix for Hordes and it shows off just why Trollbloods are the best faction. They have some epic models. What? You like Skorne and Circle...psh, Trollbloods all the way!

Will you be getting yourself a Sea King?

"What? You like Skorne and Circle...psh, Trollbloods all the way!"

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