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Icarus Games Announce New RPG Magazine, SIDEQUEST


Icarus Games announced this week that they are working on a new monthly RPG magazine for Patreon backers and then later on down the line via DriveThruRPG.

Icarus Games Re-Release Their Excellent Sci-Fi Range!


Icarus Games has now released their excellent looking Sci-Fi miniatures range via MyMiniFactory! A few years ago, I'm pretty sure we said they had the best aliens out there and I reckon that these still hold up today!

Icarus Miniatures Show Off Some Of Their Sculpting Prowess


Icarus Miniatures have been chatting about their last two years on the scene and while their own projects are growing in size they also have been working on models for other companies too.

New Beta Rules For Icarus Project Released


A new set of Beta Rules for the Icarus Project have been released building on their Sci-Fi world and your feedback.

Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!


We've got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we're talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

Q&A Time! The Icarus Project Launches On Kickstarter


We talk to the creator of the Icarus Project as his Kickstarter launches looking to fund two Starter Sets for the game!

Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang


TTCombat talk Carnevale, we give away a MASSIVE terrain bundle prize and get stuck into the news from a week in tabletop gaming...

Icarus Miniatures Get Ready For New Kickstarter


Icarus Miniatures are going to be heading back onto Kickstarter on Friday 16th September with their awesome looking Sci-Fi game, the Icarus Project.

Smash Aside Your Foes With Icarus’ Nexus Brawler


Icarus Miniatures are continuing to work on their Nexus force for their Sci-Fi game which is potentially one of the best looking alien races we've seen for a while. Here is their Brawler with axe in hand...

Icarus Delve Into Concept Art & An Alliance Starter Set


Icarus Miniatures are working on some great new artwork for their Sci-Fi game world starting with this look at the concept art for the Praesidian Commando.

Female Assault Trooper Gets Geared Up From Icarus Miniatures


Icarus Miniatures are continuing to build upon their Sci-Fi world with a look at the sculpting preview for the Female Assault Trooper who looks great...

Icarus Miniatures Preview 3D Printed Feral Nexus


Icarus Miniatures have progressed to the next stage when it comes to their Feral Nexus. Renders are done and they are now onto refining the 3D sculpts. See what you think of the preview prints...

Weekender: Blood & Plunder Interview & What’s Comming For Dropzone Commander


Welcome to the Weekender where we're checking out some awesome news from the world of tabletop gaming this week and talking to both Hawk Wargames and Firelock Games...

Icarus Miniatures Unleash The Deadly Feral Nexus!


Icarus Miniatures are still powering on as they develop their Sci-Fi game and the next miniature to hit the webstore soon is going to be the Feral Nexus...

Icarus Miniatures 3D Print Their Alliance Troopers


Icarus Miniatures have been working hard on building on their Sci-Fi world and the latest model to come back from the 3D printers is the Alliance Trooper who you can see below...

Grunts & Gunslingers Now Available From Icarus Miniatures


Showing off what they can do in resin the Gunslinger and Nexus Grunt have been added to the webstore for Icarus Miniatures. Both of these models are looking great and I have my very own Gabriel Cross sitting on my painting table just waiting to be given a splash of colour...

Icarus Miniatures Add New Rewards To Kickstarter Pledge Levels


Icarus Miniatures have added another round of bonus items to their £75 pledge level and below as part of their Kickstarter as well as showing off the first 3D prints of the Nexus Grunts.

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns


Another great week in the tabletop gaming world and we're here to chat about some interesting Games Workshop digital games and new Kickstarters too...

The Icarus Project Sci-Fi Kickstarter Launches

8 years ago 20

The Icarus Project Kickstarter has launched giving you options to pick up the two starting factions, the Alliance and Nexus. Come and check out the models and download the rules for free!

Exclusive! Check Out The Alliance Troopers Of The Icarus Project


The folks at the Icarus Project have given us an exclusive look at their Alliance Trooper models that will be part of the Kickstarter for their Sci-Fi which launches on September 7th 2015.

The Nexus Begin Their Attack From Icarus Miniatures


Icarus Miniatures are now going full steam ahead when it comes to their Sci-Fi Kickstarter and we get to see the awesome renders for the Nexus Grunts. If you're looking for a 'big bad' in this game then these guys really fill that criteria...

35mm Gabriel Cross Now Available From Icarus Miniatures


Icarus Miniatures have released their 35mm scale resin Gabriel Cross onto the internet. You can now pick up this gun-slinging, galaxy traversing hero and paint him up ready for your Sci-Fi games...

Icarus Project’s Gabriel Cross Becomes Full Miniature


The Icarus Project from Icarus Miniatures is coming to Kickstarter on September 7th 2015 and in preparation for that they've shown off the finalised miniature for Gabriel Cross both with his helmet and without...

Icarus Project Kickstarter Launches September 7th 2015


Icarus Miniatures' Kickstarter for the Icarus Project, their Sci-Fi wargame, is going to be hitting the internet on September 7th 2015. It's great to know that the game is now at a stage where it can look for funding for some hopefully awesome models and a great game...

Q&A With Icarus Miniatures & Exclusive Gunslinger Renders


Icarus’ Nexus Ravager Bikers Hit The Road


If you thought the idea of the Nexus from Icarus Miniatures was terrifying then you're about to flee in terror from their Ravager Bikers who got previewed by the team. These aren't your typical bikers!

New Character Art & Mini For The Icarus Project


Icarus Miniatures have shown off two new pieces of artwork for their ongoing Sci-Fi project featuring the characters of Charlie Bishop and Issac Cross alongside the first 3D print of Gabriel Cross!

Icarus Miniatures Release New Sci-Fi Alpha Rules


Icarus Miniatures have added a new version of their Sci-Fi wargaming rules onto their website so if you want to get stuck in and try out the system you can download it now within...

Join The Ranks Of The Praesidian Honour Guard With Icarus


Icarus Miniatures have shown off some more of their artwork for the ever growing Sci-Fi project they've been working on called the Icarus Project. See what you think of the Praesidian Honour Guard...

Get Into Combat With The Joshitai Of Icarus Miniatures


The Joshitai or 'Birthing Mothers' of Icarus Miniatures are the next up on the concept art roster for their Sci-Fi game. See what you think of these close combat masters in the artwork below...

A Pope & A Spectre Pop Up In Icarus Miniatures’ Sci-Fi Project


Two more characters have been given the artwork and bio treatment by Icarus Miniatures for their self titled Sci-Fi game. See what you think of the skills of both Jesse Pope and Spectre who both look equally as dangerous on the battlefield...

New Artwork & Updated Rules From Icarus Miniatures


New alien races come to the world of Icarus Miniatures and their growing Sci-Fi project. Think about how cool these models are going to be when they're released!

Icarus Look For Revenge With New Art For Kara Mariasha


Seek your revenge against the Alliance in Icarus Miniatures' new Sci-Fi game with another peek at the artwork for Kara Mariasha.

Fear The Dark With Icarus’ Look At New Nexus Terror


See what the shadows look like as the folks at Icarus Miniatures reveal the Nexus Terror for one of the alien factions within their game world.

Breach & Clear With Icarus’ Miniatures Alliance Boarding Troopers


Lock n' load boys because you're going to be hitting the airlocks in 5 and then performing a breach and clear before taking the bridge of this ship! In other words, check out the cool looking artwork for the Boarding Troopers of Icarus Miniatures.

Q&A Time With Icarus Miniatures & Exclusive Render Reveals!


We got to sit down for a chat with Anthony from Icarus Miniatures and check out some exclusive renders for the amazing looking Gabriel Cross who features as one of the Mercenaries in their game!

Fire Up The Jet Packs With The Drop Troopers Of Icarus Miniatures


Check out more artwork coming your way for the Icarus Project which is a Sci-Fi wargame coming together from Icarus Miniatures. Hopefully not long until miniatures are shown off!

Lock N’ Load Then Join The Galactic Marines Of Icarus Miniatures


Find out about the insane amount of training that goes into being a Galactic Marine in the world of the Icarus Project. No wonder these men and women are a force to be reckoned with!

Icarus Miniatures Introduce Nexus General Varakos!


See what you think of this deadly looking character for the world of Icarus Miniatures and their fledgling Sci-Fi game.

Raise Those Hands High For The Icarus Miniatures Gunslinger


Icarus Miniatures lock and load their custom heavy pistols and go hunting lawbreakers on the many planets of the galaxy. Do you think you'd be bringing this dour individual into battle?

The Ji’Tar Add To The Races Coming Your Way From Icarus Miniatures


See what you think of one of the first pieces of artwork that shows off the alien races in the Icarus Project. Are the Ji'Tar looking like a faction you'd collect?

Icarus Miniatures Lay Down Some Covering Fire With New Concept


See what you think of the incredible firepower that the Support Trooper can bring to the field of battle from Icarus Miniatures...

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