Weekender: Blood & Plunder Interview & What’s Comming For Dropzone Commander

March 12, 2016 by dignity

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Welcome to the Weekender where we're checking out some awesome news from the world of tabletop gaming this week and talking to both Hawk Wargames and Firelock Games...

Weekender: Blood & Plunder Interview & What's Comming For Dropzone Commander

Salute 2016

We kick off the show talking about what we're going to be doing when it comes to Salute this year. That means a live blog, grid walks, interviews and of course plenty of drinking over the course of the weekend.

It seems prudent to talk about some of the awesome participation games going on throughout the day too.

Blood & Plunder

We take some time out to chat to Firelock Games about their upcoming Historical pirate game called Blood & Plunder. This is sounding like a fascinating game and we can't wait for their Kickstarter.

Get your questions in the comments below as we'll be doing a Q&A with them further down the line.

News Time

Community Painting Picks

This week saw us looking at another round of Community Painting Picks and we're once again blown away by what we're seeing. We also take some time out to view one of the best paint jobs we've ever seen.

Hawk Wargames Talk Dropzone

Hawk Wargames have also joined us in the studio to talk about Dropzone Commander to reassure you that this game isn't going to be forgotten.

We'll be finding out more about the new miniatures for each of the factions in the game.

Dwarven Forge On Kickstarter

John has been working away on our own big plastic Castle but Dwarven Forge are also on Kickstarter looking to smash down more stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign which features the building blocks to make your own citadel.

Will you be backing this Kickstarter?

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Have a great weekend!

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