Icarus Games Announce New RPG Magazine, SIDEQUEST

April 8, 2021 by brennon

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Icarus Games announced this week that they are working on a new monthly RPG magazine for Patreon backers and then later on down the line via DriveThruRPG. SIDEQUEST has been designed to be a great resource for Dungeon Masters and roleplayers who are looking for useful content to add to their games.


SIDEQUEST Issue #1 // Icarus Games

As mentioned above, the idea behind SIDEQUEST is that it provides useful material to those who pick it up. That means new monsters, character options and adventure modules for you to dive into. There will also be plenty of content in there which is designed to inspire you and get you feeling pumped for your next adventure on the tabletop.

The first issue, which is due to release on May 1st, will contain a gazetteer for the desert region of Askh. It has been designed to be dropped into all manner of settings so it could be a useful addition to your own campaigns. You'll also find a complete rework of the Ranger class with the Ranger Of The Wild.


Rangers Of The Wild // Icarus Games

The Ranger has always been a character class in D&D that has had problems. Not quite a Fighter, not quite a Rogue; and with animal companions that often feel like just a bucket of hitpoints. This rework of the class looks to change that.

SIDEQUEST: A New Monthly RPG Magazine

There is also going to be an article on How To Save Your Campaign and a new Monster profile, the deadly Sleeper Of Uqorah! The artwork from the front cover and interior is all sourced from exceptionally talented artists so it has a really damn nice feel to it!

There is much more planned for SIDEQUEST and it will be fun to see what else gets added in future issues. I am all for something fun to flick through that might inspire me to change things up in my next roleplay campaign.

Are you tempted to give this a shot?

"I am all for something fun to flick through that might inspire me to change things up in my next roleplay campaign..."

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