Get Your Aftermath Characters & More For Infinity In November!

October 6, 2023 by brennon

Corvus Belli has been showing off the Infinity pre-orders for the month of November! We're going to be getting some awesome characters and more for those diving deeper into their Sci-Fi games with new characters, reinforcements and TAGs.

Infinity Aftermath Characters Pack - Infinity

Infinity: Aftermath Characters Pack // Infinity

The first of the sets features the characters from the Infinity: Aftermath graphic novel. Within the pack, you'll get all of the notable characters from the story including Denma Connolly, Caledonian Zellenkrieger; Ishinomori, Extreme Zellenkrieger; K1llj0y, Zellenkrieger; Raiza the Whispering Death, Zellenkrieger and Uhahu, Hacker for Hire.

All of the miniatures look awesome and it's great to see that the characters from the story are getting physical miniatures that you can use in your games. They offer up the option for adding a punch to your army list whilst also being great for those who want to play out the scenarios from Aftermath. I would love to see someone play a series of linked games which follow the book to see how it would work on the tabletop.

New Expansion Packs

There are also two new Expansion Packs for you to pick up for the Baknunin Nomads and ALEPH. Leading the way, we have Bakunin Expansion Pack Beta.

Bakunin Expansion Pack Beta - Infinity

Bakunin Expansion Pack Beta // Infinity

This set gives you some of the enforces that you might find amongst the Bakunin. Inside this set, you get two Moderators with Combi Rifles and two Morlocks with close-combat weapons. These can be used as additional basic troops which focus you towards the Bakunin vibe that you might have got from the Observance Army Pack.

The second set is Steel Phalanx Expansion Pack Alpha.

Steel Phalanx Expansion Pack Alpha - Infinity

Steel Phalanx Expansion Pack Alpha // Infinity

Here, you get the deadly Tactical Hacker, Scylla. She is then accompanied by her loyal DevaBot or Nesaie Alkê. If you picked up Operation: Blackwind, these would be great for building on your force and turning it into a neat Steel Phalanx Fireteam. A great set, packed with character and adding to the specialised skills that ALEPH bring to the tabletop.

Big TAG Goodness!

Finishing things off, we also have some new TAG miniatures for PanOceania and Yu Jing. We start with PanOceania and the Squalos Mk-II, PanOceanian Armored Cavalry.

Squalos Mk-II PanOceanian Armored Cavalry - Infinity

Squalos Mk-II PanOceanian Armored Cavalry // Infinity

This is one of the thermoplastic miniatures that you can now pick up for Infinity. A formidable and terrifying addition to your army that comes armed for all manner of brutal encounters on the tabletop. Armed with a Spitfire, you can use this TAG to expand on your PanOceania collection or perhaps the Pack Alpha that Corvus Belli has already showcased.

Next up, we have the Haetae Unit (HMG).

Haetae Unit HMG - Infinity

Haetae Unit (HMG) // Infinity

Designed to imitate the mythological unicorn lion of legends, this TAG is a mighty defender of your Koreans on the tabletop. Armed with an HMG, this TAG is no slouch of course but I think there is something to be said about the talismanic value of having a piece of hardware like this on your side. A good way to expand on the Korean troops we've already seen perhaps?

Will you be picking up these new Infinity releases during the month of November?

"The first of the sets features the characters from the Infinity: Aftermath graphic novel..."

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