Four Badass New Infinity TAGs Dropping In November

October 19, 2020 by brennon

Corvus Belli has four new badass TAGs hitting the tabletop next month for the world of Infinity. Tactical Armored Gear (TAGs) are some of the coolest models in the Infinity range and we get to look at four shiny ones for release on 19th November.

Zeta Unit - Infinity

Zeta Unit // Infinity

The first of the TAG miniatures we're going to looking at is the Zeta Unit. Zeta Unit pilots are directly wired into their Zetas so that they can become the ultimate killing machines. It makes them three times faster and more deadly than their opponents. It comes armed with a Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon which can burst through armour.

As with all of the TAGs you're going to see here, each of them is now a viable option in CodeOne. So, if you really want to level things up you now have the option. Next up, we have the Shasvastii Sphinx.

Shasvastii Special Armored Corp Sphinx - Infinity

Shasvastii Special Armored Corp Sphinx // Infinity

These big hulking walkers might not look it but they are used as infiltration units by the Shasvastii. Utilising high speed and stealth abilities they are able to slink through the background and attack their enemies where they least expect it. They can also be used as armoured reconnaissance too, bringing their guns to bear and simply blasting their enemies away.

Now we come to my favourite miniature from this upcoming collection. Check out Blue Wolf...

Blue Wolf Mongol Cavalry - Infinity

Blue Wolf Mongol Cavalry // Infinity

This just looks epic. I love the style of the pose, the wolf helmet to the TAG and the way that you can see the pilots arms underneath the larger ones of the walker. You get a sense of just how menacing one of these is and it screams anime and manga to me.

I think if I was ever to get my hands on a TAG it would be one of these! Also, I really would love to see a TAG only game developed along the lines of what we did back during an Infinity Boot Camp. Big TAG wars would be a lot of fun!

Last but not least we've got the Cutters.

Cutters - Infinity

Cutters // Infinity

Embracing a more classic look for a TAG, this is a rather fearsome and elegant design nonetheless. This is a Remote Presence Tactical Armoured Gear which was designed to be used in undercover operations as well as amphibious and underwater environments. It used sound-suppressing equipment and has environment-adaptive skin in order to avoid being seen.

All of these TAGs are very impressive and show off a different side to the world of Infinity. A lot of people will be familiar with their smaller groups of individuals hacking and shooting their way through alleyways but it gets all the more interesting when you drop one of these into the mix!

Are you a fan?

"All of these TAGs are very impressive and show off a different side to the world of Infinity..."

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