Battle Kiwi Clash In The RumbleDome For Aristeia!

March 29, 2019 by brennon

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Fancy playing some games of Aristeia! or Infinity on a rather fancy looking tabletop? Well, Battle Kiwi have been working away on this RumbleDome for you to include in your games, a set of scenery which fits around the Aristeia! boards.

RumbleDome - Battle Kiwi

The set breaks down into the seating areas and stands around the outside as well as the players locker room and the entrance way which comes complete with Sci-Fi turnstiles. You also have neat touches like the floodlights beating down on the pitch from above...

RumbleDome Detail #1 - Battle Kiwi

...and lots of internal detail work which helps to bring this to life and place it within one of the massive cities that you see in the world of Infinity. There are so many nice little touches here with the security cameras and 'turret' style option as you'll see below.

RumbleDome Gate Cut - Battle Kiwi

I also like the touch of adding in all of the seats in the back! Whilst it might look quite fussy they've also made the terrain playable for games of Infinity if you wanted to use this for a different type of scrap on the tabletop.

RumbleDome Stadium Interior - Battle Kiwi

Much like with Blood Bowl and other sports games on the tabletop I think having a cool set-up like this elevates the game and helps you get into the spirit of it a bit more. As you can see these Infinity soldiers are really enjoying a game or two!

What do you think of this upcoming terrain?

"...a set of scenery which fits around the Aristeia! boards"

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