Corvus Belli Line Up Their Infinity Releases For January 2024!

December 8, 2023 by brennon

Corvus Belli has previewed their new releases coming out in January 2024 for the Sci-Fi world of Infinity. There are some awesome new characters as well as some reinforcements (both big and small) for use with different factions.

Diggers Armed Prospectors - Infinity

Diggers Armed Prospectors // Infinity

We lead the way with a pretty awesome new miniature for those wanting to showcase those kick-ass folks mining on the frontier. These Diggers, Armed Prospectors can make good use of the technology that they use for their prospecting work when they take on lucrative mercenary contacts. This miniature would be a good option for those looking to watch over their deployment zones and keep high-value targets covered when the enemy is pressing in.

If you want to watch over the forces of Ariadna then how about the Highlander Cateran that can be snapped up next year?

Highlander Cateran - Infinity

Highlander Cateran // Infinity

These Caterans are discredited clan warriors who were blinded by their ambition and decided to become brigands and bandits on the galactic highway. Whilst these soldiers would still be good to introduce back into your Ariadna force, they can also be used as part of the StarCo Mercenaries.

Heavy Reinforcements!

As well as those new characters, you can also get your hands on some Reinforcements in the form of epic TAGs. Leading the way, we have an awesome miniature for the Nomads with the Lizard Squadron.

Reinforcements Lizard Squadron - Infinity

Reinforcements - Lizard Squadron // Infinity

This is one of the older TAG miniatures that has been updated with better software and some exceptionally wetware. They are lethal despite the age of the technology locked into their systems. This is one of the thermoplastic miniatures from Corvus Belli meaning that it should be nice and simple to build this and get it ready for painting!

If you prefer the Combined then how about the Caskuda WCD Armored Jump Operator?

Reinforcements Caskuda WCD Armored Jump Operator - Infinity

Reinforcements - Caskuda WCD Armored Jump Operator // Infinity

The Caskudas are heavily armoured TAGs that are also ready for trans-atmospheric flight. They can dive out of planetary orbit and smash into the planet's surface, ready to kick ass and take names. This is another of the thermoplastic miniatures from Corvus Belli which looks suitably epic. I love the melding of the synthetic and the organic throughout the miniature. Drop this behind enemy lines and have some fun causing chaos.

More Reinforcements

As well as the TAGs, you can also get some reinforcements for Haqqislam and ALEPH. We start with Haqqislam and the Druze Shock Teams.

Druze Shock Teams - Infinity

Druze Shock Teams // Infinity

This set comes with a Druze with HMG, a Druze with Chain Colt, a Druze Hacker, Jethro with MULTI Sniper Rifle and Security Chief Arslan with MULTI Rifle and Light Shotgun. A solid option for those wanting to build on the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army or Druze Bayram Security force.

On the side of ALEPH, we have the epic Myrmidons.

Myrmidons - Infinity

Myrmidons // Infinity

These are the elite shock troops of your ALEPH force on the tabletop. The set comes with four miniatures including a Myrmidon with Combi Rifle, a Myrmidon with Chain Rifle, a Myrmidon Hacker and one Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun.

All these new miniatures are bloody awesome and I think they are great ways to portray the iconic look and feel of the different factions. Another good year of Infinity awaits!

Will you be picking these up?

"All these new miniatures are bloody awesome..."

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