Corvus Belli Showcase Infinity Releases For May 2021

April 9, 2021 by brennon

Corvus Belli has showcased the new Infinity releases coming to their 28mm Sci-Fi wargame in May 2021. A new batch of characters plus a selection of elite troops for a variety of factions will become available on 27th May.

Shona Carano - Infinity

Shona Carano // Infinity

Leading the way for this set of releases is the deadly Shona Carano. Carano is a former Aristeia! star and trainer of the Knights Of Justice. That means she knows how to wield a sword! She is a deadly close-quarters fighter and could find herself worked into CodeOne forces for PanOceania and O-12.

Sticking with characters, we also have the rather ace looking Agent Dukash.

Agent Dukash - Infinity

Agent Dukash // Infinity

Anyone else getting Hellboy vibes? Dukash works for a special corps of intelligence servicer personal in the Shasvastii Continuum called the Vashar. All that is known about them is that they take part in apocalypse-level crisis situations. As a specialist operative, he will be slipping into the back lines with his MULTI Rifle.

This is another good addition to a CodeOne force and would work well alongside the Shasvastii Action Pack.

Big guns never tire and neither does the shoulder strength of this TankHunter for Ariadna.

Tankhunter With Portable Autocannon

TankHunter With Portable Autocannon // Infinity

Ariadna has trained these regiments to bring this heavy equipment into battle to take down massive opponents. Has your friend got a beloved TAG? Put a hole in it with this Portable Autocannon. This miniature has got itself a resculpt and is now a good option for the Tartary Army Corps Action Pack.

Boarding Parties & Bashi Bazouks!

As well as these single blister packs, Corvus Belli has also been working on some new elite troops for you to use in-game. We start with the Raptor Boarding Party for O-12.

Raptor Boarding Squad - Infinity

Raptor Boarding Squad // Infinity

Join a Starmada Rapid Response Regiment and bring a combination of Devabots and human soldiers to the field. Need to crack a hole in an enemy ship? Send these soldiers in to secure the entry point and blast your enemies away.

The set comes with four miniatures holding a MULTI Rifle and Spitfire plus the Devabots who get Heavy Flamethrowers. You will not want to be next to them when the fighting heats up (hah).

Maybe you prefer the idea of taking to the skies?

Bashi Bazouks - Infinity

Bashi Bazouks // Infinity

These mercenaries can be contracted to serve as privateers at the behest of the Sultans! Diving into battle from above and equipped with Holoprojectors, it is going to be hard to get a bead on them as they cause havoc on the tabletop.

The last set of releases for May include the Chaksa Longarms!

Chaksa Longarms - Infinity

Chaksa Longarms // Infinity

These are probably my favourite miniatures from the new releases. I love the underslung cannon and the style of the armour. These are some more brilliant options for those playing as the Tohaa and a great step forward in alien design from Corvus Belli too. I bet these would be brilliant to paint, especially with the mix of synthetic and organic elements.

Which is your favourite release for May 2021?

"These are some more brilliant options for those playing as the Tohaa and a great step forward in alien design from Corvus Belli too..."

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