Corvus Belli Showcase Infinity’s Releases For September 2022

August 10, 2022 by brennon

Corvus Belli has been previewing their new Infinity releases for September 2022. Some of these miniatures here are going to be handy when expanding the forces picked up from Operation: Blackwind but there are some bonus options in there too!

Morat Fireteam Pack - Infinity

Morat Fireteam Pack // Infinity

Some of the best-looking miniatures for next month come in the form of the Morat Fireteam Pack. This set would be great when added into the mix alongside the Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack and comes with a Suryat With Heavy Rocket Launcher, a Suryat With HMG, a Kurgat With Boarding Shotgun and one TinBot. I am all for big bearded aliens with massive power weapons, ready to cleave foes in twain.

The soldiers of PanOceania also get themselves some new miniatures in the form of the Karhu Special Team.

Karhu Special Team - Infinity

Karhu Special Team // Infinity

This is a set of soldiers that fight out many of their battles in places that suffer Artic conditions. They can strike anywhere and come out of the blizzard to gun you down before you even know you're there. This set comes with three miniatures including a Karhu Engineer With MULTI Rifle, a Karhu With Feuerbach and a Karhu With MULTI Rifle. This is a great bonus option alongside the Svalarheima WinterFor Sectorial Army and the Action Pack.

Looking ahead to what to take after Operation Blackwind, there is a new Beyond Operation Blackwind set for you to dive into.

Beyond Operation Blackwind - Infinity

Beyond Operation Blackwind // Infinity

This set is a good way to expand the Operation Blackwind set with a whole bunch of new miniatures for both the Haqqislam and the ALEPH.

Haqqislam Expansion - Infinity

Haqqislam Expansion // Infinity

ALEPH Expansion - Infinity

ALEPH Expansion // Infinity

Here is some of the background to this particular set...

"The secrets kept at Darpan Xen-station could be a benefit or a hazard to all mankind, and ALEPH protects them very well, but Haqqislam must know what they really are, no matter how high the cost."

The set breaks down into three miniatures per side. The Haqqislam get themselves Sunduqbut, Shujae and Muyib whilst the ALEPH get themselves a Myrmidon, Makhe and Eudoros. Some amazing miniatures to help you continue your CodeOne journey.

ITS + AGL Tournament Packs

In addition to all of the miniatures, there are also some new ITS and AGL Tournament Packs that you can use to play out some of your more competitive games on the tabletop.

ITS Season 14 Tournament Pack - Infinity

ITS Season 14 Tournament Pack // Infinity

AGL Tournament Pack - Bixie Edition - Infinity

AGL Tournament Pack - Bixie Edition // Infinity

These sets come with all manner of bits and bobs that can be used when diving into games of Infinity or Aristeia! What's neat is that both of these sets also come with the exclusive Bixie miniature that can be used in your games.

So, make sure to dive in and make some space on your painting table for these brand new miniatures landing in September!

Will you be going down the CodeOne or N4 route?

"Looking ahead to what to take after Operation Blackwind, there is a new Beyond Operation Blackwind set for you to dive into..."

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