Corvus Belli’s Hot Infinity Releases For September

September 23, 2016 by dignity

Continuing a trend of awesome releases month by month Corvus Belli have shown off what they have to offer for the end of September and the world of Infinity. Let's get stuck in!

Zhanshi (Troops Of The Banner)

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Zhanshi Troops of the banner

Leading the way for Yu Jing this month we have some essential front line infantry. From what we're seeing here it looks like you're getting soldiers armed with all manner of different weapon load-outs.

We're liking the addition of both the Sniper and the Missle Launcher armed soldiers as options for taking out dangerous targets on foot and of course for bringing down TAGS!

Taskmasters Bakunin SWAST Team

Game: Infinity Army: Nomads Model(s): Taskmaster

The Nomads, and in particular the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command, have one hell of a soldier coming their way. He looks fully equipped to deal with a head-on assault sporting a HMG and a cruel looking blade too.

We're really liking the overall look of the heavy armour and all of the augmented musculature keeping this thing moving. Do you reckon he'd get twisted up in that belt of ammo hanging from his thigh though? Nah, surely in the far future they'd have sorted that out!

Overdron Batroids

Game: Infinity Army: Combined Army Model(s): Overdron Batroids

Letting us know that robots probably know best the Combined Army are dropping the Overdron Batroid into the mix for the Onyx Contact Force. In this case, it feels like bigger is better!

What we really liked about this set was that as well as the big bad scary robot there are also those cute little Tinbots! In-game they gift the big guy with extra skills and modifiers against Hackers.

Garuda Tactbots With Spitfire

Game: Infinity Army: ALEPH Model(s): Garuda Tactbots

Taking to the skies for ALEPH the folks at Corvus Belli have also put together this new design for an old classic. The pose is great and it feels menacing; like an avenging angel about to drop from the skies.

ALEPH really are the full on 'Cyberpunked' faction for Infinity with cybernetic and robotic designs that you could imagine popping up in the likes of Deus Ex.

Krakot Renegades With SMGs

Game: Infinity Army: Mercenaries Model(s): Krakot Renegades

The Mercenaries are sticking with the idea that getting up close and personal is the best idea for the Morat Aggression Force.  They've hired this Morat prisoner who escaped the camps and is now spending his days as a soldier of fortune.

Why would you use just one gun when carrying two of them into battle makes you all the more awesome?

Which of these new releases has caught your eye?

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