Check Out Corvus Belli’s Infinity Releases For October 2022!

September 13, 2022 by brennon

Corvus Belli has revealed the new Infinity releases that are going to be available to snap up in October 2022. We have some new characters, hulking war suits and options for those expanding things beyond what was in Operation Blackwind.

Kornak Gazarot - Infinity

Kornak Gazarot // Infinity

The first of the miniatures we're going to be looking at is Kornak Gazarot for your Combined Army and the Morat Aggression Force. Armed with an MK-12, Light Flamethrower, I am distinctly more aware of the epic-looking alien sword that he is carrying around!

Operation Blackwind Support Packs

Next up, we have two sets for the ALEPH and the Haqqislam that are the perfect follow-up to what you started with in Operation Blackwind.

Aleph Support Pack - Infinity

ALEPH Support Pack // Infinity

Both of the sets come with bonus miniatures that would be helpful as specialists in your ALEPH and Haqqislam forces.

Operation Blackwind Unboxing // Corvus Belli

That means hacking and keeping everyone alive most of the time! It helps the miniatures for both look fantastic and properly hone in on why the aesthetic of both factions is great.

Haqqislam Support Pack - Infinity

Haqqislam Support Pack // Infinity

I love that both packs come with those adorable little robots to help out on the battlefield. The choice of "hairstyles" on the ALEPH robots is inspired and I love how the ALEPH as a whole look a little fancier when compared to the more utilitarian approach that Haqqislam has. I am a fan of the tablet and pistol-wielding chap in the ALEPH set though. He is a winner!

Big Guns Never Tire!

As well as the regular folk deciding to slog it on foot, there are also two BIG releases for Infinity this coming October. We start with the impressive Gator Squadron.

Gator Squadron - Infinity

Gator Squadron // Infinity

This towering TAG can be dropped into the mix for anyone collecting the Nomads. If anyone was going to say that they lacked the technological experience to hold their own, they sure are shutting up right now!

I have always loved the look of TAGs and this is no different. I love that you can see the slot for the pilot in the middle and then how the arms and weapons extend from that space. You get a real sense of motion with the sculpt and you can immediately imagine it kicking ass and taking names.

Equally, there is also the HUGE Chernobog Armored Detachment.

Chernobog Armored Detachment - Infinity

Chernobog Armored Detachment // Infinity

Ariadna is not to be left out of the equation when it comes to big things that crush stuff. Armed with huge rockets that must deliver a devastating payload and a full-on machine gun on the front, I don't think even the quickest TAGs would be able to avoid this more archaic walkers fury.

I like the addition of "Front Towards Enemy" just below the cockpit implying that at one time, a poor Ariadna pilot faced the wrong way and accidentally blew up some of his own troops. Either that or it's a little joke by the owner of the walker. Industrial accident or joke? We'll let you pick.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new Infinity releases for October?

"...we have two sets for the ALEPH and the Haqqislam that are the perfect follow-up to what you started with in Operation Blackwind"

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