Exclusive First Look At Plastcraft’s New TME TAG Hangar!

December 17, 2014 by brennon

Plastcraft have been doing some great work on Infinity Terrain and their latest design is something massive! See what you think of their TME TAG Hangar that has quite the footprint on the tabletop...

TME TAG Hangar

TME TAG Hangar (Open)

As you can see by the miniatures it's a huge TAG Hanger and so needs to have plenty of room for all the work that's done on them within. I love that it's got some cool inner workings and plenty of elevation as well as the sleek Sci-Fi design we've come to expect from the TME range on the outside.

TME TAG Hangar (Dimensions)

Here is a run down of it's actual dimensions to give you an idea of how it would work on the tabletop. I reckon this would be quite the neat centrepiece for the game.

The building has also been designed with all the other TME buildings in mind AND the new edition rules so it will be all up to specification in that department.

What do you think?

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