New Infinity Buildings On The Way From Warsenal This Weekend

March 23, 2017 by brennon

Available at AdeptiCon this weekend and over on their webstore later today we have some new Infinity themed buildings coming from the lovely folks at Warsenal. Take a look starting with Lo Pan's Noodle Bar!

Lo Pan Noodle Hut

Now that is one fantastic building which offers up so many awesome opportunities for battling out your games around it. There are loads of ways to block and get your lines of sight on your foes and you could see some epic clashes happening on those stairs.

Head To Shamal Street

Additionally, they are also going to be adding to their Alcazaba range with some new buildings like these here...

Alcazaba Buildings

You can get a flavour of them above but they break down into the Residential Building, Commercial Building, Utility Buildings and Shamal Street which collects together all three building designs into one set.

The designs from Warsenal are always great and packed full of character. Each piece is made using a combination of MDF and acrylic pieces to give you some nice buildings for setting up a Haqqislam themed board.

Have you got your eye on these buildings from Warsenal?

" could see some epic clashes happening on those stairs"

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