Take A Peek! New Infinity Releases January 2019

December 19, 2018 by brennon

We've got some awesome new releases coming from Corvus Belli for the world of Infinity.

Jan releases infinity

Take a peek at these models releasing in January 2019.

Kaizoku Spec-Ops

Infinity Spec Ops

First off we're looking at some new miniatures for the Japanese Secessionist Army. This is a regular release of new soldiers for use in your Japanese armies. They can be used as Keisotsu and also gain the benefit of XP during campaign battles. You will also find an alternative set of arms in the set holding a Spitfire.

Dart, Optimate Huntress

Dart Infinity

Next up we're looking at the forces of ALEPH. This is another of the characters who can be played in both Infinity AND Aristeia. This miniature was an event exclusive release for 2018 but now sees a regular release with a totally different pose and loadout. Sneak in, kill silently with your bow and show off your skills.

Ariadna Support Pack

ariadna medics infinity

Next up we're turning our attention to some doctors and engineers fighting to support the forces of Ariadna. This one set contains Dozer, Kazark Doktors and the 112 Emergency Service who now gets his hands on a bike. There will be plenty of loadout options available for these troop profiles.

Kamau, Amphibian Intervention Teams With Hacker Device

kamau hacker infinity

We're then looking to PanOceania and the Varuna Immediate Reaction Division. This is a new Female Kamau Specialist unit which is going to be a great addition to your fireteams. They are great for working on objectives, getting those victory points secured...and of course, they look awesome whilst doing it.

Invincible Army Sectorial Starter Pack

invincibles infinity

Finally, we're looking at Yu Jing and this new Starter Pack for those really wanting to go for something different. This is an infantry themed force which is all about grouping up and delivering a demolishing strike against the enemy as one. A really hard-hitting force for use in the Human Sphere.

What do you make of the new set of releases from Corvus Belli?

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