New Infinity Releases For June 2016!

June 23, 2016 by dignity

It's now that time for new Infinity releases for this year and June! We've got some fancy looking miniatures in this line up, some of which you might have seen before like our first models...

Wú Míng Assault Corps

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Wú Míng Assault Corps

These soldiers popped up earlier in the week and work for the Imperial Service of Yu Jing. These are men without a name and make up a penal military regiment where they only have a serial number.

I love these miniatures and the chap with his helmet off giving his enemy the death glare.

Foxtrot Rangers With Boarding Shotgun

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): Foxtrot Rangers

Stepping in for the USAriadna force we have this Foxtrot Ranger who is a very affordable skirmisher that can camouflage their way into and out of any situation.

They can surprise your enemy on the tabletop and can become a must for an USARF player.

Stingray III Series: Clausewitz Uhlans & Acontecimento Tikbalangs

Game: Infinity Army: PanOceania Model(s): Stingray 3 Series: Uhlans & Tikbalangs

While this might possibly be THE biggest mouthful of words you'll say all day these soldiers for the Neoterra Capitaline Army and the Shock Army of Acontecimento for PanOceania are a very cool set indeed.

Here you get a light Remote Presence TAG that is designed and optimised to carry out specific combat tasks. This could be hunting enemy tags or simply operating deep within the jungle as a predator looking for more fleshy prey.

Kaari Sentinels

Game: Infinity Army: Tohaa Model(s): Kaauri Sentinels

The Tohaa have some rather fancy miniatures on the way too with these warriors. These two 'Silhouette One' miniatures work as a cool tactical tool that no other faction has.

According to the man himself Carlos, this is a unit that every army would like to have in their collection.

Achilles V2 (Hoplite Armour)

Game: Infinity Army: ALEPH Model(s): Achilles v2

Looking very hench indeed we also have the Steel Phalanx's Achilles for ALEPH. I do like the look of these cybernetically enhanced and cloned warriors of the future - they certainly speak to my Cyberpunk side.

This chap is of course the charismatic, charming and utterly devastating one man army Achilles and ALEPH fans love him so.

So, what for you is the big winner from this months collection?

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