Sneak A Peek At The Infinity Releases For March 2022!

February 3, 2022 by brennon

Some brand new releases are lined up for a variety of factions in Corvus Belli's excellent 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish wargame, Infinity. All of these miniatures are going to be released around the end of March 2022.

Valerya Gromoz - Infinity

Valerya Gromoz // Infinity

This is a brand new resculpt of a well-known character from the Infinity universe. She is a great hacker option for your force and with her upgrades, she can seriously mess around with the odd TAG or two. You don't want to get shut down by her!

Valerya has decided that she wants no ties, no bonds and is quite happy with the way her bank account is growing. Many different factions will be able to call on her aid.

If you would prefer not to worry about hacking and instead just blow things away, that's where the Hundun Ambush Unit comes in for Yu Jing.

Hundun Ambush Unit - Infinity

Hundun Ambush Unit // Infinity

Named after the Hundun, faceless evil creatures from Chinese mythology, these are some deadly heavy weapon users. As you could imagine, they are perfect at sowing terror on the battlefield. They can be dropped in using hidden deployment and have X-Visors so no one can hide from their sight.

A couple of new Booster Packs are available for those picking up both the forces of Ariadna and the Nomads...

Ariadna Booster Pack Alpha - Infinity

Ariadna Booster Pack Alpha // Infinity

Nomads Booster Pack Alpha - Infinity

Nomads Booster Pack Alpha // Infinity

These would be handy for those who are looking to bolster their forces after getting started in the game. If you've had a nice time with the starter set for one of these factions then this offers up a brand new set of specialists for you to tinker with. It helps that they all look excellent.

Last but not least, the forces of ALEPH are getting themselves some brand new robots to play around with. What do you make of the Probots?

Probots - Infinity

Probots // Infinity

This set features two of the SioCast injected thermoplastic miniatures for you to support your ALEPH squads on the tabletop. As the name would suggest, these are Prototype Robots and are starting to make quite a mark on the battlefield. Are you tempted to play around with some new experimental remotes?

Are you going to be picking these up next month?

"Are you going to be picking these up next month?"

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