Micro Art Studio Head To The Market For Kokkyo 3 Infinity Terrain

April 24, 2019 by dracs

Micro Art Studio have released two new painted terrain sets for their Infinity, both for the Kokkyo 3 Japan-inspired range. The sets are made up of the Kokkyo 3 Market.

As well as the Kokkyo 3 Quarters.

Both sets contain two buildings, which can be assembled either as single-story structures or stacked together.

Micro Art's terrain sets always place an emphasis on versatility, and being able to construct them in different levels like this is really useful for a game with as much verticality as Infinity.

The Kokkyo terrain does a particularly good job at taking traditional and pop-culture elements of Japanese architecture and updating it to fit with a scifi world. These wouldn't look too out of place in plenty of anime, which is fitting given how much anime influence there is in Infinity.

Which anime world do you think you'd find these in?

"These wouldn't look too out of place in plenty of anime."

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