Modiphius Present New Infinity RPG Supplements

May 1, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius has now released two new supplements for Infinity: The Role-Playing Game which detail the factions of both Ariadna and Haqqislam.

Infinity Ariadna Supplement - Modiphius

"Renowned for being proud, forthright, and hardy, Ariadnans will happily brawl amongst themselves if given the opportunity. The other nations, however, have learnt the wisdom in not provoking the hornet’s nest, as they soon pull together to doggedly defend their homeland and ideals. This sourcebook will allow you to experience Dawn as never before!"

The first of these books focused on Ariadna covers the hardiest of factions within the Infinity universe. Having dealt with some serious hard knocks in the past this book delves down into this grizzled peoples, their homeland and more.

  • Details on all four Ariadnan cultures — Rodina, Merovingia, Caledonia, and USAriadna, and the state of their union.
  • Focused Lifepaths that allow players to become truly Ariadnan, whether Human, Wulver, or Dogface.
  • Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specific to Dawn, including the famed Buffalo armour of the Blackjacks, and stats for the mysterious Unknown Ranger.
  • Expanded rules for undertaking trade and seeking profit amongst the Merovingian trade caravans.

I really like the idea of exploring the path of someone becoming one of their wolf soldiers. In a world with lots of towering cities, it's good to have a faction which is still a little bit wild.

The Might Of Haqqislam

As well as a book that focuses on Ariadna we also have one which explores the complex culture of Haqqislam within the Infinity world.

Infinity Haqqislam Supplement - Modiphius

"Since finding a home on Bourak, Haqqislam has experienced a rebirth of artistic and scientific pursuance that is the envy of their rivals. Gardeners refine terraforming techniques that have reshaped an arid world, doctors perform miracles with pioneering surgery, and biochemists cultivate new synthetic wonders with Silk. Though often considered one of the smallest of the G5 nations, Haqqislam remains unrivalled in several arenas."

Once again, this book will explore the culture of these people and how they fit into the wider Infinity world. With a deeply rich history to draw on, wonderful locations to explore, and hardy soldiers to play as, this could be a neat new world to delve into.

  • Details on Bourak and its diverse regions — Al Medinat, Funduq, Iran Zhat Al Amat, Gabqar, Norouz, and Alamut.
  • Focused Lifepaths that allow players to tread the Search for Knowledge, including Akbar Doctors, Khawarij, and new Hassassin careers.
  • Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specific to Haqqislam, including the famed Akrep TAGs of the Maghariba Guard, and stats for the enigmatic Husam, Yasbir.
  • New rules and campaign guidance for plundering the space lanes as a corsair in the employ of Haqqislam.

As well as these physical versions of both books you'll also be able to snap up PDF Versions from their webstore too.

Have you spent much time delving into Infinity: The Role-Playing Game?

"In a world with lots of towering cities, it's good to have a faction which is still a little bit wild..."

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