Customeeple Litter Infinity’s Rooftops With New Terrain

October 28, 2014 by dracs

Customeeple have some new terrain pieces coming out this October with which to litter the rooftops of Infinity and give your models some cover from enemy snipers as they fight out above the city streets.

October Releases

These new releases include a set of walkways and various accessories, such as air conditioners, solar panels and antennas.


Rooftop Accessories

These accessories help to turn your Infinity cities into a living, breathing environment and provide some decent cover, which is good as roof tops can tend to be a bit sparse at times, and when they do have cover it is often not entirely what you might expect to find on a roof.

Along with these new pieces Customeeple have another of their stencil sets, this time letting you add a bit of Haqqislam graffiti to your buildings.

Haqqislam Stencil

These stencils look like a perfect opportunity for us to try out our new airbrushing skills and are often quite intricate in their designs. I'd be interested in seeing how these would look on some of the larger TAGs as well as the buildings.

Do you like Customeeple's latest pieces? Are you going to pick up any of them for your city?

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