Infinity Sneak Peek: PanOceania Order Sergeants

January 17, 2017 by dignity

Check out this awesome exclusive sneak peek at a new set of miniatures coming to Infinity. See what you think of the PanOceania Order Sergeants...

This set of miniatures are going to be available in Mid-February and are part of the Military Order Sectorial Army.

Infinity Sneak Peek: PanOceania Order Sergeants

Known as the "Miles Christi", the Soldiers Of God, they are a dangerous foe to face on the tabletop. These soldiers are faithful and seek glory but are led into battle by experienced and veteran combatants who are professional and direct in their tactics on the battlefield.

When they head into battle some listen to psychomusic to get them ready while others pray, drawing on their faith. While they might be deadly and somewhat bloodthirsty they turn their expressions into joyous smiles, encouraging other soldiers to carry on the fight.

Will you be snapping up this new set?

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