Warsenal Touch Down With New Infinity Lafayette Landing Pad

July 3, 2019 by cassn

Warsenal Games have unveiled their new Lafayette Landing Pad for use in Corvus Belli's Infinity. The Lafayette Landing Pad boasts several improvements over the popular Black Eagle variant. It's lower profile improves both cover and accessibility, meaning units can get there fast, even under pretty heavy fire.


The raised side walls are high and work with Comanche Mantlets to provide significant cover for troops and, when used with AD: Combat Drop troops, it provides a massive +3 to their landing!


The Lafayette Landing Pad comes in a number of pre-etched emblem variants, including Ariadna, Lafayette, Comanche, or Blank designs. The landing pad is designed to work well and connect to all other existing Comanche products, so will fit right in on your current Comanche tabletop scenario!


The Layafette Landing Pad will be drop-zone ready on 4th July 2019, so assemble your team and head over to the Warsenal Games website for more information.

Will the Lafayette Landing Pad drop onto your tabletop? Tell us what you think below!

"+3 to your landing!"

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