The Mighty Monkey King Leads the Demons of Oroko

December 17, 2015 by dracs

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The King of Oroko's Demons, the legendary Sun Wukong himself, is now up for pre-order from Kaha Miniatures. The nature of monkey of monkey was irrepressible!

Sun Wukong

This may well be one of Kaha's best sculpts to date. With his iconic staff in hand, The Monkey King has been sculpted leaping down from the ruined statue, giving the model a great dramatic appearance.

This is definitely a fearsome interpretation of the classic character of Chinese legend. Normally he can be quite a comical character, but there is no sign of that here.

Sun Wukong King of Yokai

Sun Wukong is a character I have always loved, right from when I first came across him in that old 70s show Monkey. This sculpt is one of the best models of him I have seen.

Are you going to put in a pre-order for Kaha's Monkey King?

"The nature of monkey of monkey was irrepressible!"

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