Atlas Games Save The Day With Magical Kitties Kickstarter

July 20, 2019 by brennon

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Atlas Games are looking to get everyone involved with the epicness that is Magical Kitties as they take to Kickstarter with their new roleplaying game project.

Magical Kitties Save The Day - Atlas Games

Magical Kitties Save The Day is a roleplaying game where you take on the role of awesome cats who have to protect their masters. Not only do you have to make sure they are safe and sound, but also stop magical and otherworldy threats from interrupting their lives too! Maybe you'll take on dragons or robots, or even both!

Magical Kitties Sets - Atlas Games

The two sets for the game come with options for those delving into the game. Both give you all of the rules you need to play as well as both adventures for you and your friends and a solo quest if you fancy taking on the role of a Magical Kitty by yourself.

The artwork for the game looks amazing and very inviting for those who want to try and get their kids into roleplaying on the tabletop. Mix that with some adorable dice and wonderful tokens and you've got a very plush set, put together by fabulous writers.

In an era where roleplaying games are becoming more and more popular, it's good to see plenty of options for younger gamers as well as older ones. I would certainly give this one a go!

Will you be checking out Magical Kitties?

"'s good to see plenty of options for younger gamers as well as older ones"

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