Become Oshos Greatest Clan In Ignite – On Kickstarter Now!

April 12, 2019 by cassn

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Many ages have past since the use of magic broke the world. Since then, the races of Oshos have lived in an unstable peace. Yet as memory slips to myth, and myth slips to legend, the "Great Races" once more begin meddling with magic, and the tainted power corrupts the land yet again. Lava swallows up whole villages and a terrible famine spreads. "Lower" nomadic races begin rising up, pillaging and raiding nearby towns for food. Peace is no longer an option. War is here, and only one race can reign supreme.

Ignite is a fast-paced strategic deck builder where asymmetric races battle for supremacy over the land of Oshos. Through tactical movement, attacks, special terrain effect, and strategic purchasing, build your army into the most fearsome in all of Oshos!


Ignite is a dice-free game, and instead, the mechanics rely on the special effects from the terrain on the variable board and the cards. There are five different game modes (six with the optional co-operative/solo play expansion) and special, asymmetric race abilities, so Ignite has plenty of opportunity for replayability variations.


Although Ignite is a deep strategy game, it has a relatively low complexity to learn and play, and the rules can be learned through a simple four-minute video. Designer Darren Terpstra has also made tracking damage easier, with a cool dagger-in-the-back system!


The base game contains 18 pretty awesome oversize miniatures (55mm scale). However, stretch goals are unlocking more all the time - so far the Centaur race has been added, and the Panda warriors are close to being unlocked as well.


So if you think you have what it takes to dominate the land of Oshos, head over to the Ignite Kickstarter now!

What clan would you choose to battle for domination of Oshos? Tell us your thoughts!

"War is here, and only one race can reign supreme!"

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