Bring On The Battles! New Orc Warband From Yedharo Models

February 8, 2019 by cassn

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Yedharo Models have delved into the gathering darkness to bring forth an Orc Warband so terrifying, so fearsome, and so utterly ripped that no sane opponent would dare stand in their way.orc

This 70mm Orc Warband set includes an Orc Warlord, Orc Queen and Orc male and female champions, all of which have clearly been hitting the gym HARD.


There have also been a number of stretch goals unlocked, allowing pledgers to own the male and female shaman, and a pretty mischievous goblin.


For an extra €30, pledgers can also receive the female orc boss, who may have just become my personal fitness goals.


However, the options to sate your untamed mini lust don't stop there, and there are options to purchase busts of all the characters. There's even a special dragon bust available!



If all this wasn't enough, there's also the option to order the Orc Queen mounted on a beast - you know, in case she wasn't terrifying enough!

orc11These characters aren't just available in 70mm - the most popular ones have been created in 30mm as well, and there's even a 1/10th scale orc champion to select!


Finally, there's the option to have your miniature painted by Angel Giraldez who (like you don't already know) is one of the biggest tabletop painting names in Europe.


This Kickstarter is a bit like a kid walking into a candy store - the amount of choices is overwhelming but, oh, it's all so very delicious. You don't need me to tell you how great these look, but yea, these look freakin epic.


Head over to the Kickstarter now to summon your Orc Warband today!

Would you add this Warband to your tabletop?

"Have your miniature painted by Angel Giraldez!"

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