A New Band Of Old World Citizens Pop Up From Heresy Lab

February 11, 2020 by brennon

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Heresy Lab are back on Kickstarter as they look to introduce a bunch of new characters into their Old World collection. The campaign for Citizens Of The Old World 2.0 is now live and is packed with some very fun new dramatis personae.

Old World 2.0 - Heresy Labs

As you might have guessed from the title of the Kickstarter, the focus is on designing a range of new characters which could pop up in your Old World games. You could use these characters in your roleplays, skirmish games and perhaps as part of specifically themed armies if you liked. The Warhammer spirit is strong here. The newer set of characters features some really awesome models.

Old World Characters #1 - Heresy Lab

I really like Bjorn, the Witch Hunter detailed at the top of the image (above). I have a soft spot for Witch Hunters, especially from my time with Mordheim, and that fellow would make a great leader for your Sigmarite forces. It would look even nicer on a display base in 40mm (another option they provide), especially with those dogs by his side.

Klemens would also be a really interesting character to drop into the mix during your campaigns as a baron who has gone mad. You could be invited to his castle and have to battle against the horrors which he has unleashed.

We also have plenty of additional releases for you to check out from their previous campaigns...

Old World Characters #2 - Heresy Lab

Once again, there are plenty of fun looking miniatures in this set which could be used to fill the streets of your Old World towns. I think this provides you with enough inspiration to set up some fun stories in the likes of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

Painted Previews

If you're interested to see how these renders actually look once they have been painted up, the team at Heresy Lab has painted up a handful of the miniatures. Here are some of my favourites. This fellow here has found their way from distant Araby and could well be a sword for hire deep within the Empire.

Old World Painted Figure #1 - Heresy Lab

You also have this fellow, who would be great at the head of a unit of Flagellants or perhaps commanding a force of Sigmarite Priests as they stomp into battle against heretics. I love the idea that he has a full-on brazier on his head.

Old World Painted Figure #2 - Heresy Lab

Heresy Lab have done some sterling work over the years on a range of different models and they pretty much have this Kickstarter thing nailed down now. It's well worth checking out what they have to offer over on Kickstarter.

As a final note, the team have also added a metal option alongside the resin one. So, if you prefer this hefty material and are able to pay the additional cost you can snap these characters up in old school material.

Are you going to be checking out this campaign?

"It's well worth checking out what they have to offer over on Kickstarter..."

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