Pulp Alley 2nd Edition On The Horizon Plus New Supplements

March 16, 2019 by brennon

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Pulp Alley 2nd Edition is currently on Kickstarter and it's doing great guns. A lot of the work has already gone into the project with the 2nd Edition books looking very snazzy indeed.

Pulp Alley Second Edition - Pulp Alley

As well as the Core Rulebook there is also the Scenarios Book up on offer, allowing you to bring lots of interesting narrative moments to the tabletop. I love the style of artwork they've gone with here, almost with a Mignolo feel to it.

Additionally, the work is already going into the Known Associates supplement that has been added into the mix as part of the project, of course, available later on too at retail.

Known Associates Supplement - Pulp Alley

There are lots of fun things happening for Pulp Alley and we're very interested to see how this game plays and indeed, who else has been able to play this recently. The game seems a lot of fun and there are a lot of Pulp models out there to choose from.

Will you be getting involved with this campaign which has just over a week left on it?

Drop your thoughts below...

"...there are a lot of Pulp models out there to choose from"

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