Weta Relive District 9 As They Take The Boardgame To Kickstarter

March 27, 2019 by dracs

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Weta Workshop have launched the Kickstarter for their new game based on the excellent sci-fi movie District 9.

The game takes two to four players through the final three days of the film's events, setting you in control of a faction searching out technology to give you an edge at controlling the District.

The game comes complete with seventy-three detailed miniatures, as well as all new artwork from Weta Workshop, who helped to bring the film to life in the first place.

The components themselves speak of their history with the property, with elements like the Puddi cat food pouch being a particularly nice touch. There are also some cool add-ons available during the Kickstarter, letting you both expand the game and enhance its pieces.

This is a game we have been very excited to see, and were lucky enough to be sent a preview copy to try it out.

Let us know your thoughts on this game in the comments below. Do you plan on getting in on this Kickstarter?

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