Exclusive! Fiery Elementals & Undead Dragons For Kings Of War

September 28, 2017 by brennon

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Produced in-house by their resin department, Mantic Games has shown us some awesome images of their December releases for Kings Of War. We kick things off with the Fire Elementals...

Greater Fire Elemental

Summoned forth from the fire and brimstone we have this Greater Fire Elemental here which looks utterly superb. Elementals have always hit a soft spot for me as they always conjure up a sense of majesty on the tabletop. Sometimes they can look a bit dopey, but not this fellow!

Greater Fire Elemental (Scale)

The Salamanders and Forces Of Nature will be able to bring this Fire Elemental into being on the tabletop as a monster choice. I love the bits of stone that have been sucked up into its being, forming into hands and facial features to give it a bit more menace.

Some smaller versions of these Fire Elementals are also available come December.

Fire Elementals

They are also available for the Salamanders and Forces Of Nature and are smaller versions of their brethren above. They still look dangerous and volatile and they'd be a real joy to paint.

Vampire On Undead Dragon

Someone who probably wants to keep away from the fire as a general rule is the Vampire On Undead Dragon model which is also hitting in December.

Vampire On Undead Dragon

This writing undead wyrm slithers forth with its boney maw open, ready to snap up anyone who gets in the way whilst the rider has a spear at the ready to keep enemies at bay. I like that she's armed with a spear as I always thought it was a better weapon for fighting from Dragon-back rather than a sword - just not enough reach!


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"Elementals have always hit a soft spot for me as they always conjure up a sense of majesty on the tabletop..."

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