Exclusive! Mantic Take A Peek Inside Kings Of War 3rd Edition

August 7, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games has started talking about the new version of Kings Of War coming later this year. 3rd Edition is just around the corner and they have recently been talking more about what's inside the new Hardback Rulebook for the game. We also got a few exclusive sneak peeks at some of the pages from the book too!

Kings Of War 3rd Edition Cover - Mantic Games

Weighing in at 400 pages this time around the book is going to feature all of the army lists you've come to know from the world of Pannithor as well as LOTS of background to help move the narrative forward for this Fantasy world.

Page Preview #1 - Mantic Games

When it comes to the rules for the army lists, they have had a major overhaul and been tweaked to make them all feel as good as they can. You'll also find that each faction gets a whole bunch of fluff and background concerning not only the army as a whole but individual units too. This is really key for those wanting to build their own takes on units that might not have models yet.

Page Preview #2 - Mantic Games

When it comes to what armies are included in the book, Mantic Games revealed...

  • Basileans
  • Dwarfs
  • Elves
  • Northern Alliance
  • Forces of Nature
  • Ogres
  • The Trident Realm
  • Abyssal Dwarfs
  • Forces of the Abyss
  • Empire of Dust
  • Goblins
  • Nightstalkers
  • Orcs
  • Undead

So, you have quite an array of different armies for you to draw on here. It's good to see that outliers like the Nightstalkers are getting brought into the fold properly so these weird and twisted creatures can start taking over Pannithor!

Page Preview #3 - Mantic Games

The layout for the book (even at this early stage) actually looks nice and clean too. It feels like it will read very well with a good focus on delivering the information gamers need without too much clutter. Seeing a nice mix of artwork and miniatures is also very cool.

Page Preview #4 - Mantic Games

As mentioned above, there will also be a lot more space given over to exploring the world of Pannithor in more detail as the team at Mantic Games has opened the map up to all sorts of possibilities. I think this is going to be key for those looking to get the most out of their games and explore the character behind their armies. It also works nicely to serve as a sourcebook for other games like Vanguard, Dungeon Saga and of course the new roleplaying game.

Do you think you'll be diving back into Kings Of War with 3rd Edition?

"Do you think you'll be diving back into Kings Of War with 3rd Edition?"

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