Hellfire & Stone Is Unleashed On The World Of Kings Of War

March 22, 2014 by brennon

As promised there have been a whole lot of new additions to the world of Kings of War from Mantic Games this weekend. Hellfire & Stone brings with it a mass of releases for both Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs.

Hellfire & Stone Cover

The first advance order is Hellfire & Stone itself which forms the basis of a scenario driven campaign between the two races. Not only does it provide a way to play a linked campaign but also brings Dwarf King's Hold into the fray as well. Of course you're going to need more models for this and Mantic have provided.

Abyssal Dwarf Decimators

Dwarf Bulwarkers

Abyssal Dwarf G’rog Light Mortar

Dwarf Bombard

First up we have the additional and re-done units for both the races. I am personally quite a fan of the new Dwarf Bombard although a whole bunch of new units have been added including the Brock Riders and of course a whole bunch of redone Abyssal Dwarfs.

Sveri Egilax, Berserker Lord on Helbrokk

J'zik Gearlund

Herneas The Hunter

Of course each unit needs to be led by a hero of some renown and Mantic have that covered as well. Included in the line-up are the rather epic looking Brock Rider Champion Sveri alongside J'zik and Herneas. Of the three of them both J'zik and Herneas are the two stand out miniatures although the crossbow that the renowned hunter is holding seems somewhat small. What do you think?

It's quite the haul for the Dwarf collector!

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