Kings of War Beta Rules Out Now – Download them here!

September 10, 2010 by lloyd

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So the Beta for Kings of War is finally kicking off and you lucky folks here at Beasts of War get to be at the forefront of it all.

Kings of War Beta Rules

We are giving members access to download the beta rules and access to the exclusive Beta Feedback Group where you get to complain, moan, argue and basically act like the expert rules gurus you all are (deep down!)

Start by setting up a free account with Beasts of War by clicking here. Then you will be able to download the following PDF's:

  • Download - Beta Rule Book
  • Download - Beta Army Lists
  • Finally head on over to the Kings of War Beta Feedback Group to leave your thoughts, feelings and wisdom for Alessio and the Mantic Team.

    We we'll be taking some of your feedback and turning it into video debates so we can all get into a few interesting disputes 😉

    Visit the Kings of War section for more.

    BoW Lloyd.

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