Mantic Games Look Inside KoW Hellfire & Stone

April 15, 2014 by brennon

Hellfire & Stone, the latest expansion sourcebook for Kings of War, is on the way soon from Mantic Games and the chaps there have taken a look within its pages to give you a neat preview of it's contents.

Hellfire & Stone

Hellfire & Stone allows both old players and new to take on the quest for the Quartz Sceptre. You'll be playing these games over six scenarios and you can also delve below the surface in a new scenario built for Dwarf King's Hold.

Inside #1

Inside #2

As well as the scenarios we'll have access to rules for Arhak Soulbinder, Slave Orc Gore Riders, Sveri Egilax and the Dwarf Bombard so both Abyssal and normal Dwarves have plenty to glean from this campaign.

It will be fun to see how these big scenarios play out and it might be fun to give it a go expanding your force between missions.

Will you be getting this?

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