Mantic Podcast Episode 2 – The One with The Three Kings

June 8, 2012 by brennon

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The Mantic Games Bunker has released another Podcast about the goings on within the company and what we can expect in the future.

Mantic Podcast - The One with The Three Kings

In this episode it's pretty much all about that game you may have heard about with a Kickstarter. No? Kings of War of course...

- Ronnie and Josh talk about Kings of War, the expansion of armies, and the future of the game in the tournament scene. Yes, Cash Prize tournaments.

- Alessio talks about getting into the hobby through Warhammer, and learning English through Role Playing games. He also mentions how Kings of War started, including how a certain Shark obsessed Beast of War suggested he and Ronnie get together and make a game.

- A Q&A session with Alessio Cavatore about Kings of War. Angelic and Devil models on the horizon?

- Kings of War going Open Sourced?

- A Kings of War Novel waiting in the wings!

...and much more.

Listen to the Podcast on their Blog or Here.

You can also leave feedback on the episode here.

Have a listen and discuss below all the information from this episode.

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